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Termites are relatively primitive insects being most closely related to the cockroaches. They belong to the order Isoptera. This word means equal wings and refers to the fact that the front and hind wings of elates are of equal size and shape wings.

Entomologists have described about 2,200 species of termites for the entire world. However, when compared to the nearly 300,000 species of beetles described for the world, Isoptera is a small, but still important order. Of the species that have been described, only 70 species infest buildings and require control (Ebeling, 1968). There are 13 species of termites in the contiguous United States that require man's attention to a greater or lesser extent.

​Termites occur in virtually every state of the United States and parts of Canada. Alaska is the only state to completely escape thus far. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are hot spots for termites and some other common wood destroying organisms. They cause varying degrees of trouble, depending upon the geographical location. The presence or abundance of termites in an area is controlled by their environmental requirements such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere. soil moisture, and soil type.

​Whether you're buying for the first time or well-versed in the buying process, one of the best ways to know you're making a sound investment is to hire a Licensed Pest Control operator and a qualified home inspector. You can be sure that our inspectors are working exclusively for you - not the seller, nor the selling real estate agent. Our experts can make the buying process easier by giving you knowledge and peace of mind. And, only use a company that allows you to be able to receive, read, and ask questions about the inspection report before the inspector leaves the site. During the "termite" inspection, your new home will be checked for all common, and not so common, wood destroying organisms...not just termites.

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