Neary Inspections

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​​Aerial videography and photography:

For safety reasons, Neary Inspections uses an unmanned drone with a high definition camera to inspect most roofs. 

Neary Aerial Media is here to stimulate your visual senses and to take your eyes to new heights. 

Real Estate:
In today’s real estate market, it is vital to offer that “wow” factor to attract buyers, to have an edge over other comparable properties, and to get at or above the asking price! What better way than to have a full aerial photo/video tour of your property. Whether you are a Realtor, a homeowner selling on your own, or you own a vacation property and want to attract more renters, we offer customized packages to suit your needs.
Do you have an idea and want to use our services? We offer personalized aerial photography and video for any job. Whether it’s video and photos of your new boat out on the water, your newly remodeled home, a video/photo tour of your campus grounds, or simply a scenic photo of your favorite spot in Northern KY or the Cincinnati area that you would like us to capture, we will spend the time to get it done just the way you want.
Whether it's a wedding, a family reunion, or a class reunion, we want your event to be as memorable as possible so what better way than to have a bird’s eye view? We offer custom aerial photo, video, and editing packages tailored to you.



Drone Warranty Service Repairs